Quality Lighting Products for your Industry

Find a wide range of explosion-proof and armored lighting products designed and built for hazard locations where there is an explosive atmosphere in the form of gas, steam or fog. We manufacture multiple products for lighting and security of your location.


We have a wide variety of lighting products for use in hazardous locations and confined spaces with explosion-proof protection and certificates of conformity.


We also have a wide variety of products for waterproof and dustproof lighting, suitable for use in open and closed areas and equipment inspection.


Why choose Renetec?

100% Brazilian

Generating jobs in Brazil and producing with high quality.

Certified Products

Our products are certified and with guaranteed quality.

Fair price

We charge a fair and reasonable price in relation to the potential of our products.

A little about us

Renetec Eletromecânica Ltda is a 100% Brazilian company, present in the market of electric and electronic products for hazardous locations.

Renetec is responsible for all stages of production: innovation, project implementation, manufacture and assembly.

Our products are suitable for use in any type of industry or business that needs quality lighting, we offer solutions for installations in locations where...

Meet our newest product

Renetec Lamp - EX-D/RL-LC - Luminaire suitable for use in hazardous areas, with explosion-proof type of protection (Ex-d IIB Zone 1 or 2) e (Zone 21 or 22 groups IIA or IIB)